Atlantic News

  • The first Atlantic Ministerial Declaration

    The Ministerial Meeting took place in Porto back-to-back with the Atlantic Stakeholders Platform Conference and the first Atlantic Ministerial Declaration was approved!

    During the Ministerial Meeting France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain, supported by the European Commission, committed to further build on Atlantic's success by cooperating on a wide variety of Sustainable Blue Economy topics.

  • Have Your Say: Pre-Demonstration Survey of the Aquawind project 

    AquaWind is a research and innovative project, with the purpose of demonstrating a co-located and multi-use integrated solution. It had been selected under Regional Flagship call for the Atlantic in 2021 and started its work in September 2022. The project aims for integrating an innovative approach to finfish aquaculture with an existing maritime renewable energy production Wind to Power prototype.  

  • Atlantic Project Awards - Celebrating the winners of 2023!

    The Atlantic Project Awards feature outstanding initiatives, successful collaborations and achievements relevant to the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan 2.0. This year, five awards were granted as recognition of the projects’ outstanding performance,​​ in the following award categories, which are in line with the Pillars of the Atlantic Action Plan 2.0:

  • EU Consultation on the Energy Transition Partnership

    Following on the Conference on the Energy Transition in EU fisheries and aquaculture held on 16 June 2023, it's still possible to provide input to the EU survey on the Energy Transition Partnership.

  • Integration of Atlantic tourism and fisheries and maritime cultural heritage at the heart of new regional Flagship project for the Atlantic

    In October 2022 the European Commission published a call for proposals for “Regional flagships projects supporting sustainable blue economy in EU sea basins” with 6 different topics including “Topic 1: promoting the diversification of fisheries activities in the Atlantic area”.

  • Atlantic countries strongly represented in new EMFAF Blue Career projects

    On 22 September 2023 eight new projects funded under the Blue careers for a sustainable blue economy call for proposals under the European Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund kicked-off.

  • WINNEW project - Wind-powered transport ship started sea trials across the Atlantic

    In August 2023 Canopée set sail from the harbour in Caen to test EU-funded wingsails to prepare for its first journey across the Atlantic equipped with 4 Oceanwings®. The development and testing of the Oceanwings® of the French company AYRO’s as well as the communication related to this project have been at the very heart of the WINNEW project supported by the European Maritime and Fisheries fund (EMFF). The automated, lowerable and patented vertical wingsails measure 37m in height and have a surface area of 363m2 each.

  • Blue events happening in October: creating synergies for the Atlantic stakeholders

    A series of events linked to the blue economy will happen in October 2023 in Porto. The aim is to gather the projects, potential partners, Interreg and mainstream funding programmes, managing authorities, the European Commission, and other interested parties in one single place to promote cooperation in practice, the exchange of knowledge, and the creation of synergies among the Atlantic stakeholders.

  • Pillar I National Event - Ports as Gateways and Hubs for the Energy Transition

    As with other economic activities in the EU, there is a growing need for our maritime fleets to transition and move away as soon as possible from fossil fuels. This is not only as a contribution to the objectives of the European Green Deal, including reducing GHG emissions, but also for the sector’s profitability, sustainability, and resilience. The challenges facing the fleets to undertake an energy transition, range from regulatory to technological.

  • 2nd meeting of the Atlantic Strategy Committee

    The 2nd Meeting of the Atlantic Strategy Committee under the Portuguese Presidency was held at the Alcântara Water Factory, on June 15th, and Chaired by the Director-General of Maritime Policy, Marisa Lameiras da Silva.

    This meeting was attended in person and remotely by the members of the Committee and some guests, and the following topics were discussed: