Atlantic Success Story: FISATUR project


The FISATUR project aims to foster economic growth in coastal regions by integrating and promoting tourism products and services related to local fishing and aquaculture sectors, maritime heritage, and tourism. This initiative seeks to evaluate a model of maritime-fishing tourism, encouraging innovative approaches to utilizing coastal resources. The project has three phases: documentation and study, support of project ideas, and an inspiring Atlantic study mission navigation route. The project will contribute to assessing the fishing-seaside tourism model that can help spread an innovative way to think and use coastal resources.


In the first seven months of its 28-month timeline, FISATUR has made significant progress, achieving key initial milestones. The project has successfully launched its website and has already kicked off the Atlantic Network of tourist experiences to promote fishing and maritime cultural heritage. This network welcomes entities to join and connect with key players in the fishing and aquaculture tourism sectors, including companies, academic institutions, and government agencies. The Atlantic Network will facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices among its members, offering workshops and events to enhance skills in areas such as coastal resource management, ecotourism, and tourism promotion. This initiative is already providing greater visibility regionally and internationally, promoting products and services through the online platform, events, and social media.

Next Steps and Future Plans

Moving forward, FISATUR has entered its second phase: the business incubation phase. This phase supports viable project ideas through a 7-month incubation program, running from mid-October 2024 to April 2025. The program includes up to 10 project holders who will receive free capacity-building support, enabling them to bring their ideas to life, prototype and test securely, and develop a robust network of contacts. The program emphasizes a collective approach and connects participants to a European framework. The call for applications opened on 13 May 2024 and closes on 19 July 2024. The upcoming steps will involve detailed workshops, mentorship sessions, and collaborative events designed to ensure the successful implementation and sustainability of the projects. This phase aims to solidify the foundation for long-term economic growth and innovation in the coastal fishing regions involved. You can check for more info here.

Further information about the Project:

  • Grant Agreement: 101124851
  • Project duration: 15/09/2023 to 13/01/2026
  • Project locations: France, Portugal and Spain
  • Overall budget: 834 850,34 €
  • EU contribution: 667 880,27 €
  • Sectors: Fishing, Maritime, Tourism
  • Coordinator: Fundamar
  • Entities involved:  Fundamar (Spain), Institut Agro Rennes-Angers (France), Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo (Portugal), Comunidade Intermunicipal do Alto Minho (Portugal), ICSEM (Spain) and Technopole Quimper-Cornouaille (France)


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