Atlantic News

  • 10th Anniversary of the European Maritime Fisheries (and Aquaculture) Fund | EMFF/EMFAF

  • Message from the French Presidency of the Atlantic Strategic Committee in 2024

    “Sailing towards a sustainable blue future”

  • Atlantic Strategy & The Atlantic Action Plan 2.0 for Irish Regions

    On April 17, 2024, Liz Gavin, representing the National Hub, took the stage at the Irish Regions European Office pre-plenary meeting, shedding light on the Atlantic Strategy and the pivotal role played by the National Hub in Ireland. The event focused on sharing insights from the 2023 implementation report, with a spotlight on Pillar III and its implications for Ireland’s future in Marine Renewable Energies.

  • European Maritime Day 2024 will spotlight the role of the Sea Basins Strategies

    Discover the focal point of European Maritime Day (EMD) 2024. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Svendborg, Denmark, this annual event, hosted at the esteemed SIMAC Academy—Svendborg International Maritime Academy, promises to be an engaging affair.

  • EMFAF Flagship 2021 projects in the Atlantic: FLORA & AquaWind

    Almost two years after their Kick-off, the two Flagship project on innovative multi-use in the Atlantic have achieved a lot. From developing cutting-edge technology to implementing ground-breaking solutions, these projects are making a significant impact in protecting the ocean.

  • Roadshow Outcomes: Oportunidades de la Economía Azul en el Atlántico

    BAF2024, the III edition of the Atlantic Forum on the Blue Economy (in spanish only), was held in Baiona (Pontevedra) from March 13 to 15, 2024 at the Parador de Baiona, the reference meeting on the blue economy of the Atlantic basin. 

  • Atlantic Success Story: WIN-BIG Project

    Women In Blue Economy Intelligence Gathering and Capacity Boosting

  • 1st ASC Meeting 2024 – Outcomes

    ASC Meeting 2024: Charting a Course for Ocean Governance

  • FLOW: Workshop for Policy Makers on Floating Offshore Wind

    The event FLOW that happened on January 23rd, within the scope of the Atlantic Strategy, discussed floating offshore wind knowledge, national plans, and targets for European Atlantic country policy makers.

  • French National Event at EUROMARITIME: The Outcomes

    This event was the first national joint event connecting the Atlantic Action plan and the WestMED initiative. Beyond recalling the ministerial declarations which were endorsed in 2023, it was the opportunity to declare the Presidency of the AAP for France and to share the message of the Portuguese Presidency for Westmed to the attendance which was mainly composed of national stakeholders.