Atlantic News

  • New insights into European maritime traffic

    EMODnet Vessel Density Maps just launched

    European seas are a hub of human activity. Maritime transport is so widespread that it inevitably affects anybody working in or with the ocean. For the first time those responsible for monitoring shipping emissions, identifying the best routes to lay pipelines and cables, assessing the impact of fishing on the seafloor or planning offshore wind farms can have free and open access to maps and the underlying raster files of vessel activity.

  • World Bank and European Commission promote blue economy through new tool

    The World Bank and the European Commission have launched the Blue Economy Development Framework (BEDF). The Framework is a novelty in the area of international ocean governance. It helps (developing) coastal states transition to diverse and sustainable blue economies while building resilience to climate change.

  • High-level conference – more than 1000 people gather in EP to support strong EU ocean policy

    On 19 March, more than 1000 people gathered in Brussels for this year’s largest EU event on oceans. Organised by MEP Gesine Meissner and European Commissioner Karmenu Vella, the event hosted our continent’s most influential advocates for healthy, safe and sustainable oceans. And with a large delegation of students and youth organisations in the room, the conference was more than an interesting recap of today’s status quo.

  • 2 billion allocated for the establishment of the European Innovation Council

    Ahead of the 21-22 March European Council discussion on innovation, industry, and competitiveness, the Commission takes decisive steps to set up a European Innovation Council (EIC)

    Global competition is intensifying and Europe needs to deepen its innovation and risk-taking capability to compete on a market increasingly defined by new technologies.

  • Registration is Open for EMD 2019

    One more exciting European Maritime Day (EMD) is approaching. The focus of EMD 2019 in Lisbon Portugal (16 & 17 May), will be on blue entrepreneurship, innovation and investment. Check out the full provisional programme and register on line.  

  • Contribute to the evaluation of the European Observation and Data Network (EMODnet)

    The European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) contributes to the EU's integrated maritime policy.  It was set up as a flagship project to prepare a seamless multi-resolution digital seabed map of European waters by 2020.

  • Launch of a new initiative on Maritime Spatial Planning

    UNESCO's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) and the European Commission will launch, MSPglobal, a new global project on maritime spatial planning, on 11 and 12 February at UNESCO Headquarters. The project aims to promote better maritime spatial planning with a view to avoiding conflicts and improving the governance of human activities at sea such as aquaculture, tourism, marine energy, and exploitation of the seabed.

  • The 2018 Annual Report on Blue Economy

    The Annual Report on the EU Blue Economy aims to describe the scope and size of the blue economy in the European Union, creating a baseline to support policymakers and stakeholders in the quest for sustainable development of oceans, seas and coastal resources. It monitors developments in the EU blue economy annually and examine the drivers behind trends.

  • FARNET study on how FLAGs support women in fisheries

    FARNET has published a study on how FLAGs support women in Fisheries.  The study provides a analysis on women in fisheries and aquaculture using a comprehensive data.  FARNET’s study provides a fuller picture on the support and representation of women in fisheries, based on a sample of 113 FLAGs across the EU.  

  • JPI CLIMATE & JPI OCEANS pre-announced their joint Transnational call on next generation climate science for Oceans

    JPI CLIMATE & JPI OCEANS have published a pre-announcement of an upcoming call for proposals for next-generation climate science which is expected to make available up to 6.6 million EUR by partner organisations from seven countries around Europe.  The call is expected to open in February 2019 and proposals will be submitted till June 2019.