Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the Assistance Mechanism for the Atlantic Action Plan? 

The Assistance Mechanism for the Atlantic Action Plan is tasked to communicate and implement the action plan’s objectives. It is composed of a central management team which follows the progress of the project implementation and four National Hubs based in Ireland, Spain, France and Portugal. In particular, the National Hubs keep regular contact with local, regional and national stakeholders to foster cooperation, obtain and provide timely information on funding opportunities aiming to support interested stakeholders in realising their project ideas and create the right connections between existing funding instruments.

How can you reach us?

If you wish to contact us please send us an email at: or use the helpdesk infoline.

What is the Atlantic Strategy?

Approved by the European Commission in 2011, the Atlantic strategy identifies challenges and opportunities in the region and takes stock of existing initiatives that can support growth and job creation. The strategy is implemented through the Atlantic Action Plan, which was developed in 2013. The Commission calls on stakeholders to help design concrete projects which would be able to benefit from EU funding.

Coasts, territorial and jurisdictional waters of five EU member states (France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and their overseas territories, i.e. the Azores, the Canary Islands, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Madeira, Martinique, Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin), as well as international waters fall within the strategy's scope. The strategy does not cover the North Sea or the Arctic Ocean. A separate strategy exists for the latter.

The development of the Atlantic Strategy dovetails with the Integrated Maritime Policy for the EU, which aims to coordinate all EU policies with a maritime dimension to ensure environmental sustainability and the quality of living conditions in coastal regions while promoting the growth potential of maritime industries.

What type of stakeholders do you support? Do I have to pay for this support?

The support provided by the AAM is free of charge, and directed at any kind of stakeholder who is active in the European Atlantic Member States (e.g. a natural person, private companies, public bodies, NGOs, research centres, etc.).

I have a project idea which does not have a transnational focus and it covers only one specific region of the Atlantic Area. Will I still get support from the Assistance MechanismTeam of the AAP?

Yes. To be eligible to receive support from the Assistance Mechanism Team, strictly national or even regional projects are admissible, as long as they fall under the four priorities of the AAP.

How can I find out if my project can be funded by a certain funding programme or call?

You should pay special attention to the eligibility criteria of the specific call, such as: type of applicant and/or project, location, funding criteria, budget range. If you are still uncertain that your project can be funded, then please contact us so that we can put in contact with our country experts (National Hubs) who will assist you and direct you to the information you need.

How do I know what funding programmes and/or calls are open?

You can search in our continuously updated database, through the following link.
Although we strive to constantly update our database with funding opportunities at European, national, and regional levels which are suitable to finance projects under the priorities of the Atlantic Action Plan, this is not an exhaustive list. Please check frequently because new opportunities may be available soon.