The Assistance Mechanism for the Atlantic Action Plan

What We Do

The Assistance Mechanism for the Atlantic Action Plan, an EU funded project has been operating since August 2014 to:

  • Give stakeholders updated information on the revised Atlantic Action Plan, its research and investment priorities, hot news, interesting events and networking opportunities; 
  • Provide a "match-making platform" for potential project promoters and advise you on the use of EU and national or regional financial instruments for projects implementing the Action Plan. 

The Assistance Mechanism team consists of a network of National Hubs operating in France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain, coordinated by a central team.

What the Atlantic Action Plan is About

  • The European Commission has adopted the first Atlantic Action Plan in March 2013 to revitalize the marine and maritime economy of France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.
  • The Atlantic Action Plan’s objectives are in line with EU’s “Blue Growth” initiative which is the maritime contribution to achieving the goals of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
  • In 2017 the Atlantic Action Plan underwent a mid-term review through an independent study and a stakeholder consultantion and the revised Atlantic Action Plan v2.0 was communicated to Atlantic stakeholders on July 2020.
  • The revised Atlantic Action Plan v2.0 objectives are in line with the global commitments for sustainable development and are fully integrated in the European Commission’s political priorities for 2019 - 2024, notably a European Green Deal, an Economy that works for people and a stronger Europe in the world.