The Atlantic Strategy Committee


The Atlantic Strategy Committee (ASC)

The ASC comprises representatives from the four (4) EU Member States (France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain) bordering the Atlantic Ocean as well as representatives from the European Commission, the Committee of the Regions, the Economic and Social Committee as well as representatives from coastal regions, cities and other relevant economy and social stakeholders.  

The ASC is chaired on a rotating basis by the participating countries.   

The ASC is the governing body of the Atlantic Strategy aiming to ensure the political and operational coordination of the Atlantic Action Plan and provide the framework for its implementation.  To that effect, each year the ASC Chair undertakes to organise the main Atlantic event – the Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference – on one of its coastal regions seeking to bring together all stakeholders to discuss the AAP implementation and bring forward new ideas, new innovations to promote blue economy in the Atlantic.  

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