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AGEO Atlantic

The objective of AGEO is to strengthen the territory’s resilience to risks of natural, climate and human origin. Read More


BEYOND 2020 is a multi-institute research cluster, built on the existing biological and sensor monitoring programme in the Burrishoole catchment, that applies next generation science and technology to inform ecosystem response to environmental change. Read More


Beyond the Sea aims to reduce the ecological footprint of ships through the use of innovative solutions. Read More


The Bluetech Acceletator is a start-up programme that invites start-ups to develop innovation in the port and shipping industry.  Read More


CleanAtlantic aims to protect biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Atlantic area by tackling the issue of marine litter, which is nowadays a priority in marine protection initiatives. Read More


FANBEST aims to foster the technology transfer to SMEs in blue biotechnology and sustainable exploitation of marine resources, by creating a support network of public and private entities focused on fundraising. Read More


Fil&Fab is the first French company that recycles used fishing nets in order to give this resource new value. Established in 2019 in Brittany, France, by three designers, Fil&Fab represents an alternative solution to this problem, linking design and environment. Read More


JONAS aims to address the risks of acoustic pressures on marine biodiversity focusing on sensitive species in the North Atlantic. The project brings together nine research partners from Ireland, UK, France, Spain, and Portugal, with the purpose of addressing the transboundary issues of underwater noise through better risk management and monitoring. Read More


The jUMP project aims to promote discussion on the underwater noise and its impacts on the marine environment, as well as to support the implementation of the MSFD. Read More


The objective of the Ocean Action project, coordinated by CIIMAR, is to increase knowledge of the principles of Ocean Literacy and the impact of pollution at sea, as well as to promote conservation of marine ecosystems. Read More


The project "Oceánicas: Women and Oceanography" is designed to promote gender equality in science and highlight the current role of women in the world of oceanography.  Read More


SELKIE aims to establish a cross-border netwoork of marine renewable energy SMEs and supply chain companies; conduct industry-academicc collaborative projects; transfer knowledge to wave and tidal industry/SME stakeholders (thereby advancing the technology of the sector as a whole); as well as assist Irish and Welsh SMEs to progress twoards commercialisation and higher levels of technology and investment readiness levels. Read More


In 2017, the SeaCleaners association launched the MANTA project, aimed at reducing ocean plastic waste. Read More


The ValorMar project aims to valorise marine resources by research, developing and demonstrating new products and improving production processes through the development of new technologies. Read More