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All-Atlantic 2021

The "All-Atlantic R&I for a Sustainable Ocean: High-level & Stakeholders Conference" contributes to the implementation of these priorities based on strengthening R&I Cooperation across and along the Atlantic Ocean, from “pole to pole”. Read More


AspBAN supports Atlantic Ports to act as ecosystems to foster innovation in the blue economy, thus diversifying their business models and revenue sources. Read More



ASTRAL focuses on integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) farming and defines, supports and promotes this type of sustainable aquaculture production in the Atlantic area. Read More

Atlantic Youth

The Atlantic Youth project will ensure the pedagogical quality of the activities, their contribution to the educational project of the class, their accessibility for all pupils, and their affordability. Read More



The EU-funded ATLANTIS project is developing a pioneer pilot infrastructure capable of demonstrating key enabling robotic technologies for the inspection and maintenance of offshore wind farms. Read More


ATOMS is aimed at designing, building, certifying and fully demonstrating in an operative environment a pioneer technology for turbines’ Large Corrective Maintenance (LCM) actions. Read More



The project will help to raise awareness and change attitudes amongst stakeholders and to improve marine litter managing systems. Read More


DataPorts has designed an Industrial Data Platform that will connect existing digital infrastructures of seaports and their systems, set rules on safe and reliable data sharing and trading, and offer powerful services of data analytics. Read More



FutureMARES provides nature-based solutions (NBS) that are socially and economically viable, in order to adapt to the Climate Change (CC). As well as, mitigation to safeguard ecosystems’ natural capital, biodiversity and services. Read More


The EU-funded GALATEA project focuses on 4 sectors of the Blue Growth strategy (smart port, smart ship, smart shipyard and maritime surveillance) to support SMEs in developing innovative solutions in the Atlantic, Baltic and Mediterranean Seas. Read More



Galileo-based solutions for a better surveilled, safer and more secure sea. Read More


The project defines the overall organization of an infrastructure dedicated to ocean research and innovation, and maritime services supporting Blue Growth. Read More



MAELSTROM strives to provide answers and diversified solutions to the complex question to the removal and sustainable treatment of marine litter legacy. Read More


MaRINET 2 will ensure the continued integration and enhancement of all leading European research infrastructure and facilities specialising in research, development and testing of offshore renewable energy systems. Read More



MATES’ focuses on shipbuilding and offshore renewable energy. Both sectors are strongly linked and require new capacities to succeed in an increasingly digital, green and knowledge driven economy. Read More


MINKE integrates key European marine metrology research infrastructures, to coordinate their use and development and propose an innovative framework of “quality of oceanographic data” for the different European actors in charge of monitoring and managing the marine ecosystems. Read More


Mission Atlantic

MISSION ATLANTIC develops and applies Atlantic Integrated Ecosystem Assessments (IEAs). Read More


The RESPONSE project brings together 14 partner institutions from across Europe with expertise in oceanography, environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology, experimental ecology and modelling to answer key research questions related to marine plastic pollution. Read More



The aim of the SafeWAVE project is to assist in overcoming non-technological barriers that could hinder the future development of wave energy, one of the main pillars of the EU Blue Growth strategy. Read More


STEP4WIND aims at increasing the commercial readiness level of floating offshore wind energy through technological innovations across the supply chain. Read More