Blue events happening in October: creating synergies for the Atlantic stakeholders


A series of events linked to the blue economy will happen in October 2023 in Porto. The aim is to gather the projects, potential partners, Interreg and mainstream funding programmes, managing authorities, the European Commission, and other interested parties in one single place to promote cooperation in practice, the exchange of knowledge, and the creation of synergies among the Atlantic stakeholders.

The Atlantic Assistance Mechanism, together with DG Regio, DG Mare, the Interreg Atlantic Area, DGPM and Interact, is organising for the first time a joint event that aims to foster and explore the potential synergies between the funding programmes and the Atlantic strategy operating in the area. Find here what will happen on the 18 and 19 October 2023 at the Porto Leixões Cruise Terminal, Portugal. Please note that you must register for each event individually, using the respective link.


10:00-16:00 | Blue Growth Programme Midterm Event

The EEA Grants Blue Growth Program is part of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021 and aims to boost the sustainable growth of the blue economy in Portugal. Furthermore, it promotes research, education and training in marine and maritime areas.
The Blue Growth Program operates in three distinct but complementary areas: Business and Innovation, Research and Education and Ocean Literacy. This event is a significant milestone for the Blue Growth Program, where it will presented project results and reinforce the commitment to the sustainable development of the blue economy and the protection of the ocean.

Agenda | Link to registration

Organisers: Direção Geral de Política do Mar (DGPM)



09:00-13:00 | Interreg Atlantic Area Annual Event

Once again, the blue community meets to learn about the existing funding opportunities and funded projects of the Interreg Atlantic Area. After the approval of the first projects, partners and potential partners have the opportunity to dive deeper into the topics of the programme and continue to work to build strong partnerships and put new ideas into practice. The highlight goes to the participation of a member of the Group of High-Level Specialists on the Future of Cohesion Policy, Joaquim Oliveira Martins, as the keynote speaker and to the Secretary of State of the Sea of Portugal, José Maria Costa.

Agenda | Link to registration

Organiser: Interreg Atlantic Area Programme

14:00-17:30 | Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference (day 1)

The Conference will, as in previous years, provide all stakeholders of the Atlantic Community the opportunity to review the progress and achievements made so far regarding Atlantic Action Plan 2.0 objectives and blue economy challenges in the Atlantic Sea Basin. This year’s conference will provide the opportunity to assemble traditional stakeholders and new ones from different geographies to discuss future cooperation on the blue economy, investment, innovation and sustainability.  

Agenda | Link to registration 

Organisers: Atlantic Assistance Mechanism for the Action Plan



09:00-15:00 | Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference (day 2)

Continuation of day 1

Atlantic Project Awards

13:30-15:00 | Joint Meeting of Managing Authorities of ERDF and Interreg Programmes in the Atlantic Sea Basin

This meeting is designed to support funding programme work towards the shared goals outlined in the Atlantic Strategy Action Plan. It will offer an overview of embedding, primarily focusing on facilitating an open exchange about establishing stronger connections among individual initiatives and projects in the Atlantic region. The meeting will explore the benefits for the EU programmes when coordinating efforts, and practical options for collaboration in the region.

Participation by invitation only.

Co-organisers: DG Regio, DG Mare, Interreg Atlantic Area, Atlantic Assistance Mechanism and Interact.

15:00-18:00 | Blue Synergies: Maximising Funding Impact in the Atlantic Sea Basin

This event will bring together Atlantic stakeholders, managing authorities, the business community, and project owners, aiming to foster collaboration and explore the potential synergies between the funding programmes and the Atlantic Strategy operating in this area. Building on specific regional project examples and the opportunities provided by the Strategy, the participants will exchange on how to design and deliver joint initiatives and build the needed processes for a sustainable blue economy in the Atlantic Area.

Agenda | Link to registration

Co-organisers: DG Regio, DG Mare, Interreg Atlantic Area, Atlantic Assistance Mechanism and Interact.