Call for expression of interest for new partnerships

Interested in joining together with other regions and quadruple helix actors to explore new interregional value chains?

Apply to the open call for expression of interest for new partnerships under the Smart Specialisation (S3) Platform on Sustainable Blue Economy.

Regional authorities and/or quadruple helix actors with a mandate from their regional authority can also get involved by expressing interest to form a new partnership together with other regions.

What are the main elements to consider before setting up a new partnership?

Five main elements should be considered when aiming to set up a new partnership:

  1. The number of regions interested in joining the specific partnership, a partnership requires a minimum of three unique regions from three Member States or organisations with a mandate from the regional authority;
  2. Link with the underlying Smart specialisation strategy (S3) of the participating regions;
  3. Relevance of the proposed thematic area for agri-food, energy, industrial modernisation and the sustainable blue economy in an EU policy context;
  4. A clear interregional scope, including the involvement of various regions across Europe (including less developed and outermost regions) outlining the scope and definition as well as the complementarities among participating regions and actors for the indicated activities;
  5. Whether there is a community supporting the partnership such as cluster organisations, European-level networks, co-programmed European Partnerships, co-funded European Partnerships or Institutionalised European Partnerships (EIT KIC, Joint undertaking).

How to apply?

The application form to set up a new partnership is open continuously via an online application form on the S3 Community of Practice Website. Two cut-off dates for applications are applied each year, with the next cut-off date scheduled for 29 March 2024

Link to Expression of Interest via EU Survey is available HERE

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