Pillar III Workshop: Fostering Blue Digitilisation for Marine Renewables in the Atlantic Area

Agenda (EN) | Workshop recording

The Assistance Mechanism for the Atlantic Action, is currently organizing the its webinar on Pillar III Marine Renewable Energy of the Atlantic Action Plan v2.0 on May 27, 2021 at 09:30 CET.

The webinar, entitled "Fostering Blue Digitalization for Marine Renewables in the Atlantic Area" will serve so as to : (i) provide a discussion point so as to advance on how digitalization efforts have been applied so far in the Marine Renewables Sector in the Atlantic Area; (ii) provide concrete Spanish examples on digitalization and MRE and; (iii) advance on what would be needed to improve for the future within this topic of digitalization skills for Marine Renewable Energy. 

The event will be organised in two sessions.  In there 1st session, there will be several institutional representatives that will present how the MRE sector and the digitalization efforts are being currently developed at EU, Atlantic and Spanish contexts; while in the 2nd session, (right after a short break) several Spanish organizations have been invited to a Discussion Panel to discuss and engage with the audience through a dedicated Q&A session on MRE and digitilisation.

For more information, please see the event's draft agenda here and contact us at helpdesk@atlanticstrategy.eu

27 May 2021