Event Blue Synergies: Maximising Funding Impact in the Atlantic Sea Basin

Happening for the first time, the event «Blue Synergies: Maximising Funding Impact in the Atlantic Sea Basin» aims to foster collaboration and explore the potential synergies between the Atlantic Strategy and the funding programmes operating in the area. It will happen on the 19 October (from 15:30 to 18:30), at Porto Leixões Cruise Terminal in Portugal.

This event will bring together Atlantic Strategy’s stakeholders, funding authorities, the business community, and project owners. It will be a platform for fruitful discussions and idea exchange. Building on specific regional project examples, and on the opportunities provided by the Strategy, the event participants will exchange on how to design and deliver joint initiatives and build the needed processes for a sustainable blue economy in the Atlantic Area. It will be an interactive event where there will be place for a sort of a trade fair of programmes and projects with concrete deliverables. In addition, the meeting will provide a possibility for the funding authorities to discuss how to embed the Atlantic Strategy in a practical way and build closer cooperation links.

The Blue Synergies event is co-organised by DG Regio and DG Mare, with the support of Interreg Atlantic Area, the Atlantic Assistance Mechanism and Interact.

For your information, also on the 18 and 19 October at Porto Leixões Cruise Terminal it will be held the  Interreg Atlantic Area Annual Event (18 October morning) and the 10th Atlantic Stakeholders Platform Conference (18 October afternoon and 19 October morning).

All information can be found in the AGENDA of the event.

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