Atlantic Committee of Watersports

Bathed by the sea and subjected to the oceanic climate, the regions of the European Atlantic Area are rich of wonderful and varied landscapes, from Scotland to West Andalusia including, Galicia, Ireland, Portugal or Brittany … All these regions are impregnated by their origins and their strong Atlantic and celtic identities. They have close economic characteristics: agriculture, fishing, sea linked industries…. They are located at the occidental end of Europe and subjected to the constraints as to the assets resulting. Our countries and regions have, without a doubt, a common destiny, linked to their maritimity. Conscious of the handicap that represents their location on the end of the continent, it falls to these regions to show solidarity and imagination for a pooling of their assets, to make an important economic and human pole in the 21st century. Since 1995, the Atlantic Games gathering the European youth of the Atlantic regions, participate to create the first Atlantic project in touch with watersports. From 2004 to 2007, these regions have implemented an interregional cooperation project for the development of the marine leisure in the Atlantic Area, within the European Programme Interreg IIIB. The NEA Project (Nautisme Espace Atlantique) achieved with success, the same partners have then decided to develop together a more ambitious cooperation project, from 2009 to 2013: NEA2 aims at the sustainable development of the marine leisure sector as a whole, from nautical centres to boatyards, marinas, service societies, clubs… Nea2 shew that marine leisure sector represent 85000 fulltime jobs on the a Atlantic Area The watersports, by the large public it touches all year long constitutes a major link between the Ocean and the populations, whether they are resident or touristic. The watersports activities have indeed strongly turned towards discovery, protection and promotion of the heritages and landscapes, costal or aquatic, as well as the discovery and promotion of traditional or future marine leisure activities, and marine professions. The marine leisure centres and marinas present a strong potential to become a showcase on the ocean, open to all, that, through educational, sports, leisure activities, great events, promotion of exemplary products… increases the awareness and mobilize the general public around marine stakes problematic. The marine leisure sector and its key players will have an important role in the mobilization of the populations for a great strategic project linked to the sea. Watersports on the Atlantic Coast are not structured at an Atlantic area level and are not officially represented by organizations like the Arc Atlantic Commission of the CPRM. By this project, the aim is to make from the Atlantic Area a pole of excellence for sustainable watersports development, recognized on an international scale, and to set up a strong structure for the coordination of watersports in the Atlantic Area.
Sectors of Activity:
Coastal protection
Coastal tourism
Maritime and coastal tourism
Social inclusion
Other Sector of Activity:
Funding other:
• Erasmus+ - Sport - Collaborative partnerships • Organisation of the 2017 Atlantic Games • Funding through partnerships • Funding through membership fees
• Representing Watersports sport on the Atlantic Coast • Create a strong link between youth and their maritime environment to prepare the future • Promoting watersports in the countries and areas along the Atlantic Coast belong educational opportunities, economic and territorial development. • Promoting the watersports as a major link between the Ocean and its populations. • Contributing to the construction of a strong Atlantic Identity • Developing social inclusion, environmental awareness and to the well-being of inhabitants • Developing friendly relations between the peoples of the Atlantic Area countries and regions, through sport, culture or other activities.
• All organisation dealing with watersports on the Atlantic Coast
Main activities:
• Promoting the values of Watersports • Sharing good practice and experiences • Carry out projects at a European level • Communicating effectively through web and conferences the key issues that deal with watersports • Involving youth of the European area • Organize and promote events, training courses and meetings especially through the Atlantic Games
Main deliverables:
The Atlantic Games were created twenty years ago. Every year, they are a part of the events which, each year, highlight the maritime and nautical assets and activities of the regions of the European Atlantic Area.
Partners needed:
• any organization of the five countries of the Atlantic Area which have a local, regional or national remit for 1 or more watersports • any organization that has an interest in the development, management or impact of watersports across the Atlantic Coast
• 1 January 2016 to 12 may 2016 : working for our proposal • 12 May 2016 at 12pm : submission of our proposal • Starting date: January 2017
Geographical target area:
Atlantic Area
United Kingdom
Budget: To be determined
Name of Organisation: International Committee of Atlantic Watersports Games
11 rue Théodore Le Hars
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Country: France
Contact person: 
Ywann Dupré
Project Manager