Pillar 2: Blue Skills and Ocean Literacy






Pillar 2: Blue Skills and Ocean Literacy

Ana NORONHA | Executive Director of Ciência Viva


Ana Noronha is Executive Director of Ciência Viva, the Portuguese agency for scientific culture. At Ciência Viva, she coordinates initiatives about education and public awareness of science at national and international level, particularly on space science and ocean literacy. A physicist with a PhD on Non-Linear Dynamics, she coordinates the ESERO Portugal, European space resource office established with ESA at Ciência Viva, Co-Chair of the Ecsite Space Group and is a member of the ESA Advisory Committee on Education. Presently she is serving a two year term as coordinator of “Blue Skills & Ocean Literacy” pillar of the Atlantic Strategy and as a Member of the Ocean Decade Communications Advisory Group.

A word by Ana NORONHA for Pillar 2: Blue Skills and Ocean Literacy

Pillar 2: Blue Skills and Ocean Literacy

Goal 3: Quality education, training and life-long learning


► Identify blue skill gaps in the EU Atlantic area

► Harmonise data collection in the area of blue careers

► Create a business intelligence scheme and promote liaison centres for improved cooperation between businesses and training providers

► Identify through peer learning best practices for matchmaking employers and jobseekers that serve as inspiration

► Take advantage of existing information platforms for job opportunities and harvest their potential for blue jobs

Goal 4: Ocean literacy


► Launch an Atlantic Ocean literacy pilot curriculum

► Create 25 Atlantic blue schools by 2025

► Implement an ocean literacy component (dissemination) in relevant projects

► Making use of the All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Forum

► Engage citizens in ocean-related actions in the EU Atlantic area

► Engage citizens in activities organised for European Maritime Day, International Ocean Day and under the future EU4Ocean platform

Roadmap summary: