Have Your Say: Pre-Demonstration Survey of the Aquawind project 


AquaWind is a research and innovative project, with the purpose of demonstrating a co-located and multi-use integrated solution. It had been selected under Regional Flagship call for the Atlantic in 2021 and started its work in September 2022. The project aims for integrating an innovative approach to finfish aquaculture with an existing maritime renewable energy production Wind to Power prototype.  


One of AquaWind's objectives is the implementation of an inclusive consultation process, engaging stakeholders at regional, national, and EU level, prioritising public administrations, academia, business sector, as well as social agents including business associations, fishermen and civil society. 
To fulfill this aim, the project focuses on the implementation of a wide range of activities to support stakeholder involvement. A key one is the promotion of an online survey before the implementation of the demonstration trials. The aim is to collect the feedback and the perceptions of the general public about the benefits of offshore energy in combination with aquaculture, the development of multi-use projects, and overall, the upcoming AquaWind prototype testing.  

The survey is anonymous and easy to complete: Access it here

The survey will stay open until early January.