FARNET photo competition: social inclusion in fisheries communities


What does social inclusion in fisheries communities mean to you? Grab your cameras and show us because we’re launching a photo competition!

Submit your photograph before March 15th and you may just win to have your photograph be a focal point in the next FARNET Guide following the transnational seminar on “Social inclusion for vibrant fishing communities”.

Interested? Here are some answers to your possible questions

Q: What should the photograph look like?
A: We leave that up to you and your creativity! When you submit your picture make sure to include a description of why you feel it best represents social inclusion in fisheries communities.

Q: How big should the photograph be?
A: As you know, FARNET Guides are available in PDF format therefore thanks for keeping the photograph in high resolution. We won’t be able to publish a photograph of low quality.

Q: How will you use my photograph?
A: Photographs can be featured in FARNET publications and/or on social media and credits will be given to the photographers.

Q: How do I submit my photograph?
A: Send your photo by email to marguerite@farnet.eu along with your description and contact information. If the file is too big, send it via WeTransfer.

This call will be open until March 15th 2017. Until then, we remain available to assist you and provide you with more details if necessary.
You have the opportunity to show your work to the entire community in a fun and creative way, we’d love for you to be a part of it!

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