Marine Design 2020

Marine Design 2020 will return to provide a forum for reporting and discussing Marine Design practice and technical innovation, including Human Systems Integration. Marine Design is a holistic design process with a strong focus on the end users as well as stakeholders in the design process, based on the principles of Industrial Design. Effective Marine Design requires a multidisciplinary design team of Naval Architects, Industrial Designers, Human Factors specialists, Environmental Psychologists and Interior Designers. The start of the Marine Design process involves understanding the personas and needs of the end user. The aim of Marine Design is to improve the aesthetics, human factors and functionality of a vessel or system, and its' marketability. Human Systems Integration provides a through-life, integrative framework with the potential both to enhance safety and increase performance while reducing through life costs.

Although the conference will have a focus on the superyacht, cruise and offshore sectors (offshore wind), it is recognized that cross-sectorial innovation is critical to the development of Design-Driven Innovation as a process. Therefore, the conference will explore innovative approaches from across all marine design sectors, including the dialectic between luxury design in the superyacht and cruise sectors, and the utilitarian design approach of both the offshore sector and conventional marine transport system design, while reflecting upon the needs of the end user. This will include themes around the concept of sustainable luxury, and the Transfer of Innovation (TOI) from the superyacht sector to the mainstream, to support the expanding needs of water based public transport, as well as the recruitment challenges of the offshore wind farm industry. Such challenges represent an opportunity for Marine Design to enhance the design, user experience and provide innovative solutions, resulting in competitive advantage through product differentiation.

The key papers of the conference will be published in a special edition of the International Journal of Marine Design (IJMD), Part C of the Transactions of The Royal Institution of Naval Architects. The conference will present technical papers, on several aspects of Marine Design, including: 

  • Design Visualisation (including design methodologies, design practice, innovative concepts, design analysis tools, Computer Aided Design), TOI (Transfer of Innovation) from other industry sectors).
  • Marine Transport System Design (including design methodologies, design practice, innovative concepts, design analysis tools, Computer Aided Design), TOI (Transfer of Innovation) from other industry sectors).
  • Human System Integration (including HFE (Human Factors Engineering), Maritime Security, UCD (User Centred Design) methodologies, Emotional Design methodologies, Empathic Design methodologies, TOI (Transfer of Innovation) from other industry sectors). Bridge design and navigational training and simulation are included in this category.
  • Sustainability in construction (including one-off construction and series production issues, facility design, materials, joining technologies, reconstructions and rebuilds of historic craft, results of simulation).
  • Sustainability in operation (including, equipment, results of sea trials, results of instrumentation, results of simulation, TOI (Transfer of Innovation) from other industry sectors).
  • Implementation of regulations in the design process (including international, national, and regional regulatory frameworks, classification, codes of practice, rating rules).
  • Virtual work/learning environments (including, CPD for marine designers, networking opportunities for innovation and exchange, virtual work environments to facilitate multi-disciplinary, multinational teams).
Cadiz, Spain
15-16 enero 2020