International Coastal Symposium 2020

The International Coastal Symposium (ICS2020) is to be held from Monday 20 April to Thursday 23, 2020 at Hotel Alfonso XIII in the city of Seville, Spain.

The symposium will be hosted by the Coastal Environments Research Group, Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla, under the auspices of the Coastal Education and Research Foundation (CERF) and the Journal of Coastal Research (JCR).

ICS2020 aims to bring together delegates from all over the world to collaborate and discuss the most current coastal research studies and projects.  The proceedings of the conference, published as peer-reviewed papers in the Journal of Coastal Research, represent an invaluable resource for coastal scientists, engineers and managers.

Registration is currently open and interested parties should visit the ICS2020 website here to see full details.

Seville, Spain
20-23 abril 2020