Sustainable Fisheries Scheme

This scheme is specifically designed to assist all those directly involved or soon to be involved in implementing the landing obligation. This includes fishermen, organisations of fishermen, fishermen’s co-operatives and processors. Particular attention is paid to the promotion of operations which integrate producing, processing and marketing activities of the supply chain, or which consist of innovative processes or methods. This scheme will also support the processing of unwanted catches. Finally, the scheme will assist those in the wider seafood sector, including those not directly affected by the landing obligation, to achieve the goals of the Common Fisheries Policy, by: • Facilitating the transition to a sustainable exploitation of living marine biological resources • Reducing the impact of fishing on the marine environment • Improving the added value and quality of unwanted catches landed from commercial stocks in accordance with technical measures and/or using methods with low impact on the environment • Improving the hygiene, health and working conditions of fishermen operating such vessels • Increasing the quality, control and traceability of the products landed • Contributing to environmental protection and improving safety and working conditions.
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Coastal protection
Environmental monitoring
Fish for human consumption
Marine biotechnology