The new approach to the Sea Basin Strategy in the words of our Atlantic National Hubs


With a new year ahead and a new joint approach, let’s read what our National Hubs have to say...

Marta Pascual Marta Pascual, National Hub Pillar I,

 At a time of social and economic uncertainty, the EU is advancing the next generation of EU-funded programs to foster   economic recovery. Within these efforts the Atlantic Action Plan 2.0, which aims to plan actions for a sustainable, resilient,   and competitive blue economy in the EU Atlantic area, covering France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain, will give new impetus   to the Atlantic maritime strategy and will strengthen the participating countries’ recovery efforts.

In Spain, the blue economy is a key sector, and the Atlantic Action Plan has provided support for various projects and initiatives in this area which will substantially advance the Sustainable Blue Economy goals that will contribute to the European Green Deal, a socially inclusive model of sustainable development and job creation, while safeguarding marine and coastal environments and securing a healthy ocean. Spain has significant potential for growth and job creation, particularly in coastal regions. In this sense, in 2023 Spain will continue this support to Key Blue Economy Areas including investments in ports, maritime infrastructure, marine renewables, skilling, and sustainable fishing practices.


Frederico Pinto Ferreira Frederico Ferreira, National Hub Pillar II

 In 2023, Portugal will chair the Atlantic Strategy Committee of the Atlantic Strategy, the Portuguese Presidency intends to   promote the discussion about the achievements of the Atlantic Action Plan (AAP 2.0), the blue economy challenges in the   Atlantic Sea Basin, and to further deepen its international dimension by bringing new stakeholders from different   geographies to share their experience and best practices. Fórum Oceano, as National Hub, will support the Portuguese Presidency in its endeavour to achieve its goals and will engage with the relevant blue economy stakeholders, including national, regional and local authorities, economic and social actors, civil society, academia and non-governmental organisations for a more competitive and sustainable blue economy. Fórum Oceano will also follow up closely and support the work of Pillar II – Blue Skills of the Future and Ocean Literacy Portuguese Coordinator, the basis of a competitive, resilient, and socially fair blue economy.


Elizabeth (Casey) Gavin Liz Gavin, National Hub Pillar III

 The Irish National Hub, together with the Irish ASC representative and the Pillar III coordinator, is pleased to continue our   efforts to increase awareness of the Atlantic strategy aims and ambition to a wider audience within Ireland and across   Europe. Supporting and strengthening the connections and fruitful relationships and networks will further progress the   European Blue economy and in particular, Marine Renewable energy transitions in both the Irish and European context. We will strive to work even closer with our Atlantic partners in France, Spain and Portugal to take on new projects together supported by EU funding opportunities and the Presidency of the Atlantic Action Plan.  


Frederick Herpers Frédérick Herpers, National Hub Pillar IV

 With the new contract, the French NH will stay committed with Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique (PMBA) in supporting French   Stakeholders to contribute on the AAP 2.0 along its four pillars. The European context strengthens the relevance to   continue investing in the blue economy via national actions and transboundary cooperation. As done since the last two   years with PMBA, the French NH will continue promoting and taking advantage of the funding opportunities to develop joint projects supporting AAP2.0 in close liaison with the French national and regional public authorities. Its actions will pave the way for France Presidency of the AAP in 2024.