Green Energy Ports Conference outcomes


The fifth edition of the Green Energy Ports Conference took place on June 18-19, 2024, in Vigo, Spain. This international conference on green energy technologies in ports gathered leading specialists and authorities from the maritime-port sector, who presented cutting-edge technologies being developed or implemented in ports around the world.

Pillar I and Pillar IV of the Atlantic Action Plan were present at the conference, providing participants with information on the main achievements and future steps of both pillars. The Atlantic Action Plan Spanish National Hub, represented by Mrs. Marta Pascual and Mr. Liam Lacey, a Pillar I Task Force Member, spoke at Session 1 entitled “Table 1: Pillar 1 of the European Commission’s Atlantic Strategy.” Additionally, Marisa Fernández, a Pillar IV Task Force Member, spoke at Session 3 entitled “Table 3: Climate Neutrality and the European Green Deal.”


You cna find the presentations and photos taken through the Green Energy Ports Conference website here.