EU: Regenerating our ocean and waters by 2030


In this interim report, the Mission Board on Healthy Oceans, Seas, Coastal and Inland Waters propose a Mission to regenerate European ocean and waters by 2030.

Protecting and restoring Europe's ocean and waters is one of the defining endeavours of our time, as human existence and all life on this planet depend on them. Decades of pollution and harmful uses have severely degraded their health. Climate change and ocean acidification come as additional pressures, with more and more measurable impacts.

By cleaning our marine and fresh waters, restoring their rich biodiversity and decarbonising our blue economy, the Mission aims at the full recovery and regeneration of European marine and freshwater ecosystems by 2030. The proposed Mission will celebrate Europe’s most precious resource – its life-giving waters; create a sense of awe and wonder around Europe’s inland waters, coastlines, seas and ocean; champion new exploration through science, research and innovation, excite through the surprise of new discoveries and solutions; help citizens want to protect what they still have, and to recover what’s been lost; lead citizens towards meaningful actions, demonstrating how small everyday choices can make big impacts; make the whole water system – from source to sink – an understandable, reliable and vitally relevant topic, thus creating the basis for delivering a common public good.

The report is available for download in English from here or the Publications Office of the European Union.