Atlantic Strategy & The Atlantic Action Plan 2.0 for Irish Regions


On April 17, 2024, Liz Gavin, representing the National Hub, took the stage at the Irish Regions European Office pre-plenary meeting, shedding light on the Atlantic Strategy and the pivotal role played by the National Hub in Ireland. The event focused on sharing insights from the 2023 implementation report, with a spotlight on Pillar III and its implications for Ireland’s future in Marine Renewable Energies.

One of the highlights of the discussion was the exploration of upcoming marine funding opportunities, including the imminent launch of three Mission Ocean Horizon Europe calls in September, alongside regional calls tailored to regional interests. As European Maritime Day approached in May, the National Hub extended its support in promoting EMD "In My Country" events and facilitating partnerships with interested regions.

The conversation also delved into the thematic pillars of the First Atlantic Ministerial Declaration, highlighting the potential benefits Irish regions could harness from the heightened focus on the Atlantic Region.

The audience's active engagement and insightful questions underscored the relevance of the topic to the regions they represent. With the Ministerial Declaration, European Maritime Day, and the burgeoning national interest in offshore renewable energies, the event served as a catalyst for meaningful discussions and collaborative planning towards a sustainable future.