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#BlueInvest goes local, Vigo (Spain) on 23 October 2018

Rules and guidelines

Please read carefully these rules before submitting your application for pitching.

Please note that no draft of your application can be saved online. We would suggest that you prepare for the application before completing the online form by consulting the Call for pitchers​.

Presentation topics:
The European Commission reserves the right to determine if the proposed presentation is relevant for the #BlueInvest event in Vigo. Pitches should be submitted by any company active in an ocean-related economic sector, including fisheries, aquaculture, biotechnology, renewable energy, shipping, logistics, tourism and waste management (e.g. marine litter). All European Commission decisions are final.
Please note that companies who pitched at #BlueInvest 2018 in Brussels, or in one of the #BlueInvest workshops in Cardiff and the Hague, are not eligible for pitching at #BlueInvest in Vigo.

Geographical scope:
Pitches should be submitted by any company active based and active in one of the countries covered by the EU Atlantic Strategy: France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom, as well the outermost regions of the Acores, the Canary Islands, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Madeira, Martinique, Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin.

Your application must arrive by filling in the questionnaire by the deadline of September 7th at 12.00 (Brussels time). Abstracts received after this date and time will be placed in a secondary abstract group for potential selection if space becomes available.

Financial support:
Pitching submission are free and do not require a fee payment.
If your project is accepted for pitching, the European Commission will support you with covering your travel and accommodation expenses to the event.

The pitch:
By submitting an application, you are indicating your intent to attend and make a pitching application in Vigo, if accepted. So please make sure you are available on 23rd October 2018 before applying.
Any pitcher will give a single presentation. The presentation will last 3 minutes. It has to be done in English. No interpretation will be available. Audio-visual and technical support will be provided. Possible investors will be given the opportunity to ask you questions.

Project pipeline and consent of treatment:
The European Commission (Directorate-General Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) has been developing a strategy to promote innovation and mobilise investment in the blue economy. Among the initiatives undertaken, the European Commission has created a project pipeline of projects which have the potential to be bankable and viable. In this regard, the European Commission is working on analysing, enhancing and improving the pipeline.
By filling in the questionnaire for pitching at #BlueInvest in Vigo, applicants agree that the information they provide is used to complement the ongoing work the European Commission on the project pipeline and that the information provided is included in the pipeline database.
In case of disagreement, explicitly expressed it and send an email to MARE-BLUE-INVEST@ec.europa.eu

Data protection regulation:  Atlantic Privacy Statement BlueInvest​

Please note that companies who pitched at #BlueInvest 2018 in Brussels, in one of the #BlueInvest workshops in Cardiff and the Hague, and at #BlueInvest goes local in Vigo will not be eligible for pitching at ‘#BlueInvest in the Med’ (January 2019, location TBC)

We are looking to having you on board
don’t forget to bring enough business cards!