1st meeting of the Atlantic Strategy Committee


The 1st meeting of the Atlantic Strategy Committee under the Portuguese Presidency was held in Porto de Lisboa on March 30th 2023

The meeting chaired by the Director-General of Sea Policy, Marisa Lameiras da Silva, was attended in person and remotely by the members of the Committee, and topics such as the priorities and objectives of the Portuguese Presidency, the roadmaps of the four pillars of the Atlantic Action Plan 2.0 and Interreg Atlântico 2021-2027 were analyzed. 

Later, the delegations had the opportunity to visit the VTS Tower of Algés, where it was possible to observe the Tagus estuary and better understand the importance of maritime transport of cargo and passengers to the Port of Lisbon. 

At the end of the day, there was also the opportunity to hear the intervention of the Dolphin Observatory in the Tagus on the preservation of the ecosystem and maritime traffic in the Tagus River. 

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