Workshop Pillar II: Blue Skills of the Future and Ocean Literacy

In the context of the EU Atlantic Action Plan, on the next April 14, the workshop “Blue Skills of the Future and Ocean Literacy” will discuss relevant topics about the future of blue careers and citizens´ awareness of the importance of the ocean. Based in Portugal, blue economy and ocean literacy players will debate education at all levels, in a perspective of attainment of the sustainable development goals, how to enhance the attractivity of blue careers and innovation in ocean literacy.

Morning (Schedule in Lisbon time: CET-1)

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09:30    Opening: The Atlantic Strategy

  • Atlantic Strategy Steering Committee Representatives: DGPM and DGMARE 
  • Pillar II Coordinator and PT National Hub

10:00    What blue skills will we need in the future? How can we make Blue careers more attractive?

     Roundtable. Moderator: Miguel Marques, PT National-Hub

  • Frederico Pinto Ferreira, Forum Oceano/WEST MED PTNH/MATES
  • Fátima Alves, President of the Port of Aveiro
  • Miguel Miranda, President of IPMA
  • Ana Brito e Melo, WavEC          

11:00    The example of young professionals 

  • Bárbara Chitas - ENIDH
  • Mario Vieira - Colab +Atlantic
  • Sidónio Paes - SeaEO Tours

11:15    How can we widen and mainstream ocean literacy? What is the relevance of Blue Schools to change behaviours and to increase awareness on blue careers?

   Moderator: Ana Noronha, Pillar II Coordinator 
   Blue School students’ example

  • Ana Beatriz Castanheira, Secondary School of Peniche
  • Anastásia Mykhalyuk, Basic School 2/3 Dr. Alberto Íria, Olhão
  • Bernardo Lopes Oliveira, Secondary School Camilo Castelo Branco, Famalicão

11:30    Roundtable

  • Laura Guimarães, CIIMAR, partner of Escola Azul
  • Helena Abreu, CEO of Algaplus and partner of Escola Azul
  • Raquel Costa, Escola Azul/DGPM
  • Fátima Claudino, UNESCO associated schools Network in Portugal
  • Vanessa Batista, Network of European Blue Schools of the EU4Ocean Coalition           

12:30   Atlantic Strategy Steering Committee Representative final remarks

14 April 2021