Opportunities of the Blue Economy in Asturias

Opportunities of the Blue Economy in Asturias

Please be aware that this event will be exclusively in Spanish  

The Asturias are in a unique position as a growing regional hub for new developments in the Blue Economy. Furthermore, the region is emerging as a dynamic international hub for tech investors and companies in the Atlantic.

As a result, and considering the Atlantic Action Plan, the event "Opportunities of the Blue Economy in Asturias" is a "roadshow" event that the Atlantic Action Plan organizes in Spain with the  support of the Assistance Mechanism of this Initiative.

This event is part of the "Atlantic roadshow", which consists of technical meetings at a regional level whose main objectives are:

  • Promote the Atlantic Action Plan and its Assistance Mechanism
  • Interact with the most relevant agents in the region
  • Collect stakeholders' main projects and priorities that are in line with the those of the Atlantic Action Plan

The event on 25 October, 2022 is organized by the Atlantic Action Plan Assistance Mechanism and will take place from 09:00 – 14:00 (CET) in ACUARIO DE GIJON – BIOPARC, Gijón, Asturias, España.

This event will be divided into four main blocks: 

1. Opening: With representatives of local / regional / national administrations

2. Presentation of the Atlantic Action Plan and existing opportunities in the Blue Economy at the level of Asturias

3. Presentation of 2 European Projects with Asturian partners

4. Round Table where dialogue between agents will be promoted to favor the appearance of project ideas for the future and collaboration between regional institutions. In this Round Table, the following issues will be addressed by the participants:

  • Experiences of your institution/organization/company in the Blue Economy both in the past and in the present.
  • Experiences that you wish to develop/address/promote from your institution/organization/company for the future.
  • Assistance needs (financing, search for partners, etc.) of your institution/organization/company around the Blue Economy.

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Atlantic Assistance Mechanism
Atlantic Assistance Mechanism
ACUARIO DE GIJON – BIOPARC, Gijón, Asturias, España