Macro-regional & Sea Basin Strategies Days 2024


We are pleased to invite you to the Macro-Regional and Sea Basin Strategies Days 2024, co-organized by DG REGIO and DG MARE at The Egg, in Brussels from June 12 to 13 2024.

 This year's event is poised to be a game-changer, focusing on the four Macro-regional strategies (Alpine, Danube, Adriatic-Ionian, Baltic) and the three Sea Basin Strategies (Atlantic, Western Mediterranean, and Black Sea). The overarching theme, embodied by the hashtag #Strategies4cooperation, underscores the collaborative spirit that will define the discussions, workshops, and interactions throughout the event.  

 Opening and closing of the event will see the participation of Elisa Ferreira, Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Themis Christophidou, Director General for DG REGIO, and Charlina Vitcheva, Director General for DG MARE.



Themes and Workshops: A Glimpse into the Conversations  

 On 12 June afternoon, the event will feature interactive workshops focusing on key thematic areas, aligning with the overarching objectives of the seven strategies: 

  • Energy transition, climate change and risk management
  • Unlocking regional potential: Boosting cooperation on innovation, clusters development and smart specialization
  • Funding EU Macro-Regional and Seas Basin Strategies’ actions
  • The EU Macro-Regional and Sea Basin Strategies in the EU Enlargement process
  • Civil Society involvement in the EU Macro-Regional and Sea Basin Strategies

 On 13 June, two plenary sessions will be organised. One dedicated to young voices, where participants will witness the vibrant ideas of the next generation, offering their perspectives on the European Union. The other session will focus on present and future synergies among the 4 macro-regional and 3 sea-basin strategies, with a panel discussion exploring cooperations pathways, considering present and future needs of all the regions involved.

 Speed-Dating with a Purpose: Building Connections   

 A unique feature of this event is the speed-dating moment on 12 June afternoon/evening, where stakeholders will have the opportunity to engage in rapid, purposeful conversations with their counterparts from various European Commission services. This dynamic interaction aims to foster collaboration, spark innovative ideas and build connections.  

More information

 To register for the event and its various workshops and sessions, you can fill in the dedicated registration page: Macro-Regional & Sea Basin Strategies Days 2024 ( using the password: strategiesdays2024. Registrations close on 2nd June.

 You can find more information about the event and programme here: Inforegio - Macro-regional & Sea Basin Strategies Days 2024 (

THE EGG, Brussels