Fostering the Atlantic’s blue economy: Skills for Marine renewable energy

The upcoming webinar on "Fostering the Atlantic’s blue economy: Skills for Marine Renewable Energy" aims to explore the importance of developing skills and fostering ocean literacy in the context of Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) and is organized in the scope of the Pillar II and Pillar III of the Atlantic Strategy Action Plan, and the National Hubs of Portugal and Ireland. 

  • Date: November 7th, Tuesday 
  • Time: 10h00 (Lisbon Time CET -1) 
  • Duration: Approximately 2h30  
  • Platform: Zoom 
  • Agenda

Fostering the growth of the blue economy in the Atlantic region requires a skilled workforce equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to develop and operate marine renewable energy technologies, such as offshore wind, tidal energy, and wave energy.  

The current gaps in the MRE sector include a shortage of skilled professionals with experience in MRE technologies, limited training programs tailored specifically to MRE, and the need for ongoing research and development to advance the sector, and upskilling and reskilling of value chain actors and new entrants, for instance, provide training and education opportunities for fishermen and other affected workers to acquire the skills needed in the MRE sector. 

This event have assembled a distinguished panel of experts from the marine renewables industry, academia, and organizations dedicated to promoting ocean literacy. Their insights and experiences will provide valuable perspectives on this important topic.  

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