VII World Tuna Conference 2015

Vigo, Spain
07/09/2015 – 08/09/2015
The Conference is expected to draw more than 300 executives of leading companies from five continents, with special relevance and leadership in the field of international tuna industry, as well as businesses across the auxiliary industry serving both the canning sector and transformer tuna as tuna fleet industries being represented: • Canned tuna • Tuna Fleet Congeladora • Machinery Manufacturers • Technology suppliers for the canning industry and the tuna fleet • Marketers of tuna • Packaging Solutions Providers • Organizations and associations • Auxiliary services The various subsectors referred to reflect the wide range of companies whose business revolves around tuna. Also, the strong international dimension of the Conference, will display again as the tuna industry is a significant example of the increasing globalization of the world economy. Proof of this is that the Conference will bring together representatives of countries representing over 90% of world production of canned tuna.