Offshore and Deep Sea Mining 2016

London, UK
28/11/2016 - 29/11/2016

Strategic, commercial and environmental factors to be discussed include

  • Long term prospects for deep sea mining
  • Moving the industry forward – from vision to reality
  • Environmental impact of offshore mining compared to conventional land mining
  • Sustainable development of the ocean’s seabed in an unpredictable, multi-use ocean world 
  • Singapore’s new DSM legislation and how it compares to other national governments’ legislation 
  • Recommended Practice for Managing Environmental Aspects and Impacts of Seabed Mining

Key technology themes include

  • Fostering technological change for sustainable harvesting of ocean mineral resources in a volatile global environment
  • Development of technology for the mining of polymetallic nodules from the deep sea
  • Powering deep seabed mining
  • Latest innovations in ROVs and AUVs for ocean floor mining 
  • Advances in riser technology for mineral exploration
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