2nd European Blue Forum Annual Meeting “From position to practice”

To those who share the fervor for the future of European Seas, join the forthcoming European Blue Forum Annual Meeting - From Position to Practice in Svendborg, Denmark, on May 30, 2024, coinciding with European Maritime Day, and ultimately shape the Work Plan for the European Blue Forum for the subsequent 18 months. 

This year's focal point revolves around action – translating ideas into meaningful practices to unearth innovative solutions for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Engage in dynamic Workshops, they're a clarion call to action! Engage with peers in spirited discussions and brainstorming sessions aimed at translating blue economy concepts into tangible solutions. Also, this event offers an exclusive platform for you to articulate concerns, share triumphs, and contribute to molding the trajectory of the European blue economy. 

Don't miss this opportunity – for more information please fint it here!


hybrid: Svendborg, Denmark and online