World Conference on Climate Change

OMICS International Conferences
Valencia, Spain
24/10/2016 – 26/10/2016
The purpose of this letter is to invite you to be a speaker for the World Conference on Climate Change (Climate Change-2016) during October 24-26, 2016 Valencia, Spain. We would look forward to your participation in this international event, if at all possible. Climate Change 2016 is a leading forum for Climatologists, environmental scientists, elite professors, ecologist, researchers and students provides the ideal environment to disseminate and gain current knowledge in the area of Climate Science and Global Warming. The main theme of the conference is: Updating our Understanding: Earth's Climate is Warming. This is highlighted by the following scientific tracks: • Climate Change & Climatology • Evidence of Climate changes • Global Warming Effects and Causes • Climate Change: Biodiversity Scenarios • Climate Hazards • Climate Change and Health • Climate Change Challenges • Climate Change Law and Policy • Oceans and Climate Change • Sustainability & Climate Change • Pollution and its Effects on Climate • Fossil Fuels vs Bio-Fuels • CO2 Responsible Climate Change? • Solutions for Climate Change