FOR Systems

Fast and efficient pollution recovery strategies are critical to protect marine environment, reducing costs and saving ships and shipping company reputations. JLMD Ecologic Group, established in 2001, is the leading provider of sophisticated pollution safeguards. The FOR SYSTEM provides emergency circuits, which allow 24/7 permanent access to fuel and bunker tanks for rapid pumping of oil and liquid noxious substances in case of an emergency.The FOR SYSTEM eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly oil removal procedures, helping you save money while protecting the environment. The research project aims to demonstrate the relevance of the "salvage friendly ship" concept through the FOR Systems solutions.
Sectors of Activity:
Shipbuilding (excl. leisure boats) and ship repair
Other Sector of Activity:
Environment; Maritme safety
The main goal is to demonstrate the relevance of an evolution of the regulation regarding safety equipment and facilities on board ships. Legal, economic, technical and operational competencies are required to be able to demonstrate the impact of such new regulation on the costs of shipping, insurance, salvage operations, compensation in case of spill. The study of significant oil spill cases with or without FOR equipped ships should allow the interest of the development of a regulation aiming the salvage friendly ship.
Partners of the study and/or funding partners depending the funding options. Leader : JLMD Ecologic Group, Paris, FRANCE Partners: Réseau ALLEGANS, Brest, FRANCE UMR AMURE, University of Western Brittany, Brest, FRANCE ODYSSÉE DEVELOPPEMENT, La Rochelle, FRANCE CEDRE, Brest, FRANCE (subcontractor.)
Main activities:
Animation and coordination, technical data : JLMD Ecologic Group and ALLEGANS. Legal study: ALLEGANS, and UMR AMURE Economic study: ODYSSEE DEVELOPPEMENT Opertionnal and historical data : CEDRE
Main deliverables:
Study report and propositions and guidelines.
Partners needed:
The partners team is achieved but we are looking for dedicated data in the field of the study, contacts to disseminate the research project and funding options and solutions.
18 months from the start of the study.
Geographical target area:
Budget: 362 K euros
Name of Organisation: JLMD Ecologic Group
26 bloulevard Maslherbes
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Country: France
Contact person: 
Managing Director