Ponant Islands Sea Education network

Development of exchanges between players for sea and coastal education by various ways, further an analysis of such players in the islands of Ponant (Coastal islands located off Western France both in Channel and Atlantic) in 2015-2016.
Sectors of Activity:
Other Sector of Activity:
Environmental education
Funding other:
Regional Council of Brittany Partnership agreement “Fondation de France »
To: - develop information on actors and education actions on sea surrounding these islands; - promote existing relevant initiatives in these islands; - reinforce actions to protect coasts and marine ecosystems; - favor new inter-islands projects;
- Players in education/awareness to islands sea and coast - Inhabitants of islands - tourists visiting these islands
Main activities:
- Organisation of a yearly meeting between education for sea stakeholders - Creation of islands newspaper dedicated to sea and coasts - Creation of a capitalization and sharing educational tools platform - Implementation of common educational programs
Main deliverables:
- Organisation of a workshop dedicated to the network launching - newspaper of islands, magazine - internet platform for exchange of experiences, tools or projects. - organization of a round of meetings, training, workshops, thematic days
Partners needed:
Bodies partly or fully related to discovery, awareness and education for sea and coasts
Beginning in September 2016
Geographical target area:
Coastal Channel and Atlantic islands off western France
Budget: To determine
Name of Organisation: CPIE Belle-Ile-en-Mer
Country: France
Contact person: 
Michaël Quérré