Organisation of exchanges between professionals of marine production activities in little island

Professionals of marine production situated in islands of Iroise Sea have special constraints and advantages linked to their location. There are different types of marine activities on Iroise Island : fishing, oyster farming, algae farming and harvesting. The aim of an exchange with similar territories in Europe would be to find examples of initiatives which could represent inspiration for the professionals of these islands : how to promote seafood products and territory, how to diversify the activities, how professionals can work together to make their products and activities more effective. A second goal would be to federate actors, on the islands and between European islands
Sectors of Activity:
Other Sector of Activity:
Marine activity and local development
Funding Options:
Funding other:
A H2020 European program on the competitiveness of the seafood sector (SUCCESS) would be an option to finance the project.
- To give ideas of development to the professionals of the islands - To federate them on a project - To create relationship and exchange between islands in Europe
Local actors of territories
Main activities:
- a meeting between two groups of professionals in marine activities - a workshop on different subject : the organisation of the activities and commercialization on islands / how to valorize algae resources on seafood market / emblematic products for islands / - visiting exploitation and installations of the islands
Main deliverables:
- a report on the workshop - a documentary film realized during the exchange between fishermen and professionals of the sea.
Partners needed:
Professionals on little islands, interested by an exchange on innovative practices
Geographical target area:
Little islands in EU
Budget: € 20.000
Name of Organisation: European University Institut of the Sea (IUEM)
rue Dumont d'Urville
Postal code: 
Country: France
Contact person: 
Mylène Tesson
Coastal Geography