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Nowadays, there are a lot of European cooperation networks who promote innovation and SME competitiveness increase. One of those is the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) formed by business support organizations with services of technology transfer, access to finance, advice on EU law and standards, Intellectual Property Rights, research funding, dissemination newsletters and workshops promotion. Likewise, there are private entities who promote support for European funding programmes which works with a high cost and a high success rate for SME. Consequently, SME with absence of resources see unfeasible to growth from European funds, and need the existence of technical and scientific European offices with management experience who support SME in projects preparation, drafting, execution and results exploitation. Therefore, there is a niche in which universities play an important role as they count with technical and scientific capacities, as well as European projects management and coordination, offering the knowledge and experience to SME interested in innovate and growth transnationally. We search for cooperation between technological centers, chambers of commerce, universities, local and regional agents, even enterprise, for a multidisciplinary consortium that allows experience unity and the knowledge transfer among partners. Another project’s objective is to develop an innovation plan in the RIS3 areas to mobilize enough resources and obtain funds to execute and manage those projects.
Sectors of Activity:
Research & innovation
The main objective of the project is to boost innovation and competitiveness of SME capacities of the Atlantic Area regions with inadequate own resources, and provide access to technological and knowledge transfer through European funding programmes. In this way, SME will develop new products, methods, access to new markets and new contact for future cooperation. Specific objectives: - Technical assistance, guidance, identification, preparation and project management - Establish multidisciplinary cooperation services between partners for SME accessibility to technical, management and industrial resources - Increase of employment in the regions - Promotion of new SME creation - Improvement of the partner’s technique and management competencies. - Creation of a solid consortium experts in European projects able to cooperate together in the future - Engage European and international resources interested in work together with the regions
Partners from universities, technological centers, regional agents, employer federations and chambers of commerce with experience in the whole life cycle of a project: identification of funding opportunities, proposals scientific and technical preparation, execution, exploitation of results, etc.
Main activities:
Promotion and dissemination of funding opportunities. Search for partners inside the consortium regions Preparation of proposals, grant agreement, support in the scientific and financial justification.
Main deliverables:
Webpage, network, promotion and dissemination plan, projects management.
Partners needed:
Universities, technological centers, regional agents, employer federations and chambers of commerce
The deadline for the interest submission ends on Friday, 20th of May at 23:59 GMT
Geographical target area:
Regions eligible in the Atlantic Area call
United Kingdom
Name of Organisation: University of Cantabria - European Projects Office
Universidad de Cantabria, Pabellón de Gobierno, Avenida los Castros s/n
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Country: Spain
Contact person: 
Maria Herrero Gomez
Project Assistant
European Projects Office