Mémoire sous la mer

Purchase of motor boat, cameras, and materials and exploration and research of recent lost vessels in Channel and Atlantic during two years, followed by publication of books and videos for conferences. The books will associate modern history, museum, submarine photos, human odyssey. This project is supported by the DRASSM (Department of Underwater and Undersea Archaeological research) and by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.
Sectors of Activity:
Other Sector of Activity:
Submarine exploration
Funding other:
Private sponsors and contributions associated private partners (diving equipment manufactures and suppliers).
Improve knowledge of submarine heritage and maritime history through lost vessels, inform a large public about lost ships, promote diving associated to modern history, favour exchange between European partners in this field.
All people interested in submarine history and heritage: divers, fishermen, sailors of merchant and navies, leisure boats owner; schools and universities
Main activities:
Exploration and research of recent lost vessels in Channel and Atlantic and publication of books and videos
Main deliverables:
1 – A first book about selection of lost ships (of which submarines) within 20-100 m depth around Brittany +video 26 mn 2 – A second book about lost ships (mainly submarines) in Channel around D-day landing = video 26 mn (possible extension to 52 mn) The videos will be presented during marine and maritime feasts and conferences.
Partners needed:
Sponsors - Partners for conferences (universities, maritime cultural centres).
May 2016 to November 2018
Geographical target area:
Atlantic and Channel
United Kingdom
Budget: 150 000 Euros
Name of Organisation: Expédition Scyllias
Country: France
Contact person: