Representing a major component of their economy, blue growth is a major stake for maritime cities. Actually, maritime activities are essential for their development, being a source of jobs and innovation. In addition, these activities are featured by their high added value. Nonetheless, their impact on the local economy is not clearly defined. Local authorities need a better knowledge and understanding of their local skills and their potential.
Sectors of Activity:
The main objective of this project is to compare metropolitan functions of European maritime cities in the field of the maritime economy and establish a methodology to measure their impact on the local economy. In addition, the concerned cities will propose development strategies within the framework of smart specialization, using their particular assets to develop specific or common strategies. Besides, the project will also include an important dissemination component. It will have a look at the role, the involvement and the appropriation of inhabitants and citizens.

- Cities and local public authorities (metropolitan areas and port cities
- Citizens

Main activities:

- To establish indicators: general indicators (commun for all participants) and specific indicators (responding to the particularities of the economy or environment of each territory)
- To collect detailed information about blue growth on each involved territory and analyse them
- To compare the results, and establish a ranking,
- To identify some recommendations to foster Blue Growth related activities
- To create a Blue Growth network
- Development of a major Blue Growth event
- To create Local Maritime Councils

Main deliverables:

- A common methodology
- Common indicators
- Ranking of maritime metropolitan areas relating to Blue Growth
- Exchange internet platform
- Blue Growth event (communication)
- Recommandations to develop Blue Growth initiatives/actions

Geographical target area:
Atlantic Area European Union - Interreg Europe / Urbact
Name of Organisation: Brest métropole
Country: France
Contact person: 
Anne-Marie Cabon