Connected Oceans

Educational project for sharing knowledge in physical oceanography
Sectors of Activity:
Other Sector of Activity:
Physical Oceanography
Funding other:
Public and Private Partnership, sponsors
The objective is to highlight progress and striking scientific results obtained during the last decades by researchers in physical oceanography, and developing new links between laboratories and schools
1) – Oceanographers: a) supporting and increasing the value of research activities through a new networking b) making available new tools and material for communication and outreach activities 2) – Students, aged 11-15: new keys to understand the ocean dynamics, its role in climate change and its importance for Earth’s balance and Human life
Main activities:
2 components for activities: 1) Construction of new scientific materials on theoretical oceanographic physical processes in collaboration with leading French laboratories 2) Actions in schools: instructive experiments to illustrate theories, mainly based on oceanographic cruises and collected in-situ data scientific use. Special focus on new global Argo array (, with over 3850 floats reporting free, and easy data access.
Main deliverables:
1) New scientific, multidisciplinary and collaborative platform with online educational materials on physical oceanography, along with links to other websites of interest 2) Animations and scientific experiments in classrooms; students guide on how to access, use and exploit oceanographic data, requesting skills in physics and other topics (biology, chemistry, geology, history…)
Partners needed:
- Scientific community of oceanographers - Students (11-15) and teachers - Science outreach actors interested by resources in physical oceanography
Geographical target area:
First prototype in the north-western France (Brittany and Pays de la Loire Regions), Rapid extensions to France, Europe, International
United Kingdom
Budget: 100.000 € for 3 years
Name of Organisation: GlazeO
Country: France
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Physical Oceanography