The project A sailing yacht which responds to the ecological challenges of the 21th Century ! Using the latest materials to protect the environment: During the construction, During the operation, During the maintenance and disposal, Waste control during the construction, Renouncement of fossil fuel, Motor drive based on renewable energies. Long-term test under the real conditions of a circumnavigation of the world: Shipboard management of renewable energies, Maintenance of materials and installations, Management of waste.
Sectors of Activity:
Yachting and marinas
Other Sector of Activity:
Green Technologies, Education, Tourism
Funding other:
The project is financed by "Eco Sail World Company", the companies and organizations involved in the project, grants from national and European funds and crowdfunding campaigns.
The concept consists in seeking solutions which converge ecological and economic interests in the construction of pleasure yachts with the objective of initiating an ecological transition in pleasure boating and the Yachting industry. This innovative concept, we want to become the « N° 1 » in evolutionary construction of pleasure boats, in partnership with the visionary companies involved in the project.
Pleasure boating, Yachting industry, Yachting associations, Marinas
Main activities:
Sustainable development of environmentally friendly yachting activities through the raising the awareness of boaters in ecological navigation and the nautical pleasure craft to the « Eco – responsible » construction, Campaigns to raise awareness among yachting associations, marinas, schools, Educational and Scientific cruises, Delegations for the protection of the marine environment, Conferences on national and international boat shows and meetings.
Main deliverables:
Green Industrial solutions, green yachting tourism, communication and education programmes
Partners needed:
Grants, private founding, sponsoring
2017: design of the boat 2018: construction of the boat 2019: circumnavigation North Atlantic 2020: circumnavigation Mediterranean Sea 2012: circumnavigation around the World
Geographical target area:
French navel bases in La Rochelle and Brittany
Budget: 1,5 M € prototype
Name of Organisation: Eco Sail the World Association
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Country: France
Contact person: 
Sabine Vanabelle