SFI ERC Support Programme

The aims of the SFI ERC Support Programme are: To enhance the benefits of applying to ERC schemes for institutions and applicants To increase the participation of Irish-based researchers in all ERC schemes To provide greater institutional support for Irish-based ERC awardees To increase Ireland’s success rate across all ERC schemes To recruit excellent ERC-funded researchers to Irish Host Institutions
Geographical Coverage: National
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ERC award (2015 call or later) with an Irish Host Institution: €150,000, regardless of ERC scheme. ERC award from a 2014 call with an Irish Host Institution:20% of the award stated in the ERC grant agreement, up to a maximum of €300,000, regardless of ERC scheme. ERC awardee (from any year) recruited to work in an Irish Host Institution: The award may depend on the time remaining on the ERC award and will depend on the type of ERC award held, as follows: - ERC Starting Grant: up to €500,000 - ERC Consolidator Grant: up to €750,000 - ERC Advanced Grant: up to €1,000,000
Sector of Activity:
Research & innovation