Saving our Seas – Reducing danger of munitions dumped in European seas

There is a new funding opportunity under the EU Pilot Project Funds, with a total budget of EUR 5,590,000 million. This call aims to advance EU efforts to address the issue of chemical and explosive munitions currently lying on the seabed in EU waters. The goal is to support a project that will develop the most environmentally friendly, comprehensive, and efficient technologies and methods for the removal, disposal, and neutralization of these munitions.

The focus areas are the optimization of technology by building on successful existing projects, the real-world application by prioritizing projects that can test and demonstrate these technologies in known munitions hotspots in the Baltic Sea, and achieving a broader impact by transferring these developed solutions to other European sea basins, particularly focusing on mitigating the environmental impact.

Join this critical mission to clean up our seas and protect our marine environments. Let's work together to develop and deploy the best solutions for a safer and healthier ocean ecosystem.

On 5 July 2024, it will happen an online Info Day will present the latest call for proposals under the Pilot Projects and Preparatory Actions Scheme (PPPA) on “Saving our Seas – Reducing the danger of munitions dumped in European seas.

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Thursday, 21 November, 2024 - 17:00
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