Renewable Energy Investment Fund

The Renewable Energy Investment Fund (REIF) provides financial assistance for projects that will: • Deliver energy from a renewable source, reduce the cost of renewable energy or provide key solutions for renewable energy generation • Provide benefit to the economy of Scotland • Have a demonstrable funding gap for REIF to consider • Be at a sufficient stage of development to require REIF funding before March 2017 In the marine sector, priority will be given to projects which involve: • Deployment and operation of arrays, as a step towards commercialisation for devices that have already been demonstrated at full-scale prototype stage • Demonstration of innovative technologies that will decrease costs and remove risks associated with the installation, operation and maintenance of marine energy devices in arrays
Geographical Coverage: National
Contact information: 
0845 607 8787
Priority will be given to projects which require investment levels above £400,000 (the upper limit of the existing District Heating Loan Scheme)
Sector of Activity:
Ocean renewable energy
Research & innovation