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AIR Centre

AIR Centre is an internationally distributed scientific network with headquarters in the Azores islands (PT) and national nodes located around the planet, taking advantage of already existing infrastructures and human resources. Read More


AT-VIRTUAL aims to improve the operability and performance of Maritime Safety Training Centres (MSTCs) in the Atlantic Area by enabling businesses to develop emerging technology-based solutions to answer these centres' needs for maritime security operations. Read More

Atlantic Youth

Atlantic Youth is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership in the field of Education, Training, and Youth. It involves 5 countries: Ireland, Spain, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Read More


ATLAS creates a dynamic new partnership between multinational industries, SMEs, governments and academia to assess the Atlantic’s deep-sea ecosystems and Marine Genetic Resources to create the integrated and adaptive planning products needed for sustainable Blue Growth.  Read More

Blue Azores

Focused on the conservation and sustainable use of natural marine resources in this Portuguese autonomous region, the Blue Azores Programme will contribute to protecting, promoting, and valuing the natural capital of the Azores archipelago, in close collaboration with various partners. Read More


The development of a world leading Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) industry in the Atlantic regions represents a fantastic opportunity to stimulate economic development in these more peripheral areas. Read More

Blue Growth Vigo

Blue Growth is the European Commission Strategy for the recovery of the economy in Europe, encouraging investment and technological innovation in those areas related to the Maritime Economy, or Blue Economy, identifying key factors and actions to promote employment and economic growth in a sustainable way. Read More

Escola Azul (Blue School)

Escola Azul (Blue School) is a national Ocean Literacy programme implemented by the Portuguese Ministry of the Sea. Read More


CircularSeas promotes Green Economy through the development of deco-innovative or green products for maritime industries. Read More


EERES4WATER will enhance the institutional,technical and social framework to promote the direct use of renewable energy sources (RES) and energy efficiency in the water cycle by influencing related policies and introduction of new processes and technologies. Read More


EirWind is an industry-led collaborative research project, co-designing the opportunity around the sustainable development of Ireland’s marine resources, using offshore wind as the catalyst for innovation and impact. Read More


The HACE project (Hydro Air Concept Energy)has the backing of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region and aims to provide a new method of wave energy collection. Read More


The ambitious iAtlantic project is undertaking an oceanwide approach to understanding the factors that control the distribution, stability and vulnerability of deep-sea and open ocean ecosystems. Read More


MaRINET2, the Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network, is a network of 39 research centres and organisations who work together to progress offshore renewable energy technologies such as wave, tidal and offshore wind. Read More



Clean and safe transport at a competitive price. As an actor in the energy transition of maritime transport, NEOLINE offers shippers an efficient, competitive and responsible logistic solution. Read More

Ocean Conservation Fund

Launched in 2017 by Oceanário de Lisboa and the Oceano Azul Foundation, the ‘Ocean Conservation Fund’ aims to address the critical challenges related to the conservation of marine ecosystems. Read More


Okahina Wave is the first eco-friendly surfing wave. It limits it´s impact on the environment and improves the biodiversity of aquatic environments degraded by humans, while creating new surf spots that generate economic and tourist activity for the territories. Read More


RAGES project aims to support the development and operational implementation of regional indicators, lists of elements and threshold values, and integration rules for Good Environmental Status. Read More


This project consists of conducting a series of activities that range from the design, acquisition and installation to the commissioning of a sea-to-shore electricity grid and data network in the area of the maritime-terrestrial public domain reserved for the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. The management of this project has been assigned to the PLOCAN consortium (Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands). Read More


The Supporting Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in the Atlantic project seeks to strengthen links between those working on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in five Atlantic sea basin countries. Read More