Horizon's 2020 SME Instrument

As part of the Horizon 2020 programme, the European Commission is hand-picking potentially disruptive businesses to invest and support as part of the SME Instrument. Your business could receive up to €2.5 million in funding, and world-class business support and mentorship.
  • Highly innovative SMEs: the European Commission definition of the SMEs can be found here.
  • Companies selected for funding under the SME Instrument of Horizon 2020, the EU Research and Innovation programme (as of 18/09/2014)
Focus areas: 
SMEs, business support and mentorship
Other sectors: 
  • High risk ICT innovation
  • Nanotech, or other advanced tech for manufacturing and materials
  • Space research and development
  • Clinical research for the validation of diagnostics devices and biomarkers
  • Sustainable food production and processing
  • Blue growth
  • Low carbon energy systems
  • Greener and more integrated transport
  • Eco-innovation and sustainable raw material supply
  • Urban critical infrastructure
  • Biotechnology-based industrial processes
  • Mobile e-government applications (2015 only)
  • SME business model innovation (2015 only)
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