Supporting the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance and Declaration 2023


The actions should aim at supporting a wider understanding of the opportunities and promoting a sustainable management of the Atlantic Ocean as a whole, through a large-scale basin effort involving both the northern and the southern parts of this ocean, and its interlinks with the adjacent polar areas.

To achieve this, it will be necessary to bring together and systematically connect scientists, a wide range of public and private stakeholders, including civil society and youth, with data, knowledge, expertise, capacities, infrastructures and resources.

Overall, activities should contribute to:

  • Upscaling cooperation along and across the Atlantic Ocean, including the specific on-going and future activities and initiatives related to the Arctic and Antarctica.
  • Upscaling of long-term partnerships building also on on-going initiatives such as the All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors, joint actions, working groups, pledging platform, etc, for the benefit of the All-Atlantic local communities.
  • Bring research and innovation results for their benefit and to also empower for and link early career professional to all these activities.

The action should:

  • Contribute with professional support to the organization, monitoring, communication, and outreach activities of the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance and Innovation work, in particular to the annual All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance Forum, and any other major relevant events;
  • Consolidate existing initiatives (All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors, joint actions, working groups, etc.) building on the outcomes of the 2022 AAORIA Fora. Continue providing basic support for joint activities (in particular in their initial phase) in the priority areas identified in the 2022 All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance Declaration, ensuring their long-term self-sustainability;
  • Facilitate a structured dialogue and coordination between the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance and relevant national and regional stakeholders, such as the Benguela Current Commission, the Abidjan Convention, indigenous communities, as well as networks and initiatives operating in the polar seas;
  • Link with relevant international bodies, supporting the All-Atlantic contributions to the UN Decade of Ocean Science, and facilitating dialogue and synergies with other EU instruments (e.g., Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters, Mission Adaptation to Climate Change, and the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership) relevant for the All-Atlantic work, is part of the activities to be undertaken under this action.

Proposals should include a strong involvement of citizens/civil society, together with academia/research, industry/SMEs and government/public authorities.

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