Support for the Coalition of waterfront cities, regions and islands for Mission Ocean and Waters

In line with the Mission 'Restore our ocean and waters by 2030', this call seeks to galvanize action among waterfront cities, regions, and islands across the European Union towards the protection and restoration of marine and freshwater ecosystems. Through a comprehensive approach, the call aims to establish a Coalition of coastal and inland waterfront cities, regions, and islands committed to the Mission's objectives. Proposals should focus on coordinating, supporting, and strengthening this Coalition, facilitating the governance, implementation, and reporting of collaborative efforts. Emphasis will be placed on fostering wide citizen and stakeholder engagement, enhancing regional and local dialogues, and leveraging funds to support actions aligned with the Mission objectives. Furthermore, the call seeks to establish a Mission Ocean and Waters Label to recognize and incentivize entities demonstrating outstanding commitment and impact in achieving Mission objectives, ensuring access to additional funding and investment opportunities.

This call represents a crucial opportunity to mobilize a broad coalition of actors, including public authorities, private sector stakeholders, NGOs, and citizens, in a concerted effort to restore and protect our ocean, seas, and waters. By fostering collaboration and coordination among coastal communities, the aim is to accelerate progress towards achieving the Mission's ambitious objectives. Projects funded under this call will not only contribute to the recovery of marine and freshwater ecosystems but also strengthen resilience against climate change impacts and promote sustainable blue economy practices. Through close collaboration with relevant EU initiatives and key stakeholders, this call seeks to maximize synergies, avoid overlaps, and ensure the effective implementation of the Mission 'Restore our ocean and waters by 2030'.

Mercredi, 18 September, 2024 - 17:00
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