Seafood R&D Programme

This programme supports research and development projects aimed at developing new or improved products and processes for the sector which are market led and in collaboration with industry, agencies and recognised Research Performing Organisations (RPO’s). The Seafood R&D Programme provides a means for industry to submit relevant R&D project proposals to be undertaken by BIM for the benefit of the sector as a whole. Approved projects will be administered by BIM on behalf of industry and carried out by Research Performing Organisations (RPOs).

The key objectives of this programme are:

  • To assist the seafood sector and entrepreneurs in researching, developing and testing new technologies, products and platforms which lead to increased values for the sector;
  • To deepen industry’s R&D base;
  • To enable Seafood SMEs to access expertise in innovation to ensure long-term sustainability;
  • To yield positive value for state investment in terms of environmental sustainability, viable businesses and employment;

Projects to include (see Guidelines for further information)

  • Knowledge transfer and mapping of marine and aquaculture ingredient opportunities.
  • Development of techno-functional and health ingredients from marine and aquaculture processing by-products, underutilised species and seaweeds.
  • Dietary intervention trials.
  • Investigation of product quality, formulation and scale-up technologies.
  • Development and testing of commercially relevant and Innovative in-factory, on-board and on-farm processing technologies.
  • Design, trial and testing of Industry 4.0, Sensors, IoT and Digitisation Technologies.
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To learn more about this programme contact: John Fagan Direct: +353 1 2144100 Mobile: +353 87 9045047
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Research & innovation